Algorithm Interiors was founded by Sofia Sakare, creative soul, rational mind, passionate about colour, form and texture.

  Sofia Sakare, founder of Algorithm Interiors

Sofia Sakare, founder of Algorithm Interiors

Since I remember myself I was passionate about interiors. And in my childhood every night right before falling asleep I would imagine my Dream House. I would start with the layout and flow, next night I would proceed with space planning, floor and wall coverings, furniture selection. I would place accessories and arrange lighting.  I would imagine my Dream House in every smallest detail. Then I would fill in my huge wardrobe with fancy dresses and shoes and finally I would pick my Dream Husband (Marlon Brando for sure) and would play some episodes of my Future Life (it was fun!! Oh yes!)

I must admit - Dreams Come true – and now I am doing all of these in my real life!

Even though I rearrange furniture and place new accessories and art in my Dream home every other year - that is not enough… I still have a lot of inspiration and energy to share!


It is the greatest pleasure to make my clients to LOVE their HOMES! Every time I bring happiness, harmony, and love to my clients Homes, I feel myself like a little girl dreaming again – and this is priceless!

I should add that the other half of my brain – is extremely rational and always works by an algorithm… Imaging a built-in processor which finds the shortest way from A to B in the given space with given chores in every given second…  I even have my Computer Science Bachelor Degree to prove that (I could be a tech girl if I would not be dreaming about Marlon Brando every night)!

And then Algorithm Interiors came to life! Algorithm Interiors - is step-by-step process of combining creativity and rationality in every given project! I know how to make your Home beautiful and functional.

I feel it my Soul, I know it in my Head, and I enjoy doing it with all my Heart.

You don’t have to believe me, just try Me!

Let’s make your HOME LOVED!

Dear Sofia, I’d like to thank you for your job. It is truly magnificent! My husband is as delighted with results as I am. You did everything how I liked, but couldn’t imagine. I love the style, colors, furniture and decoration you chose for our living room. I was so happy to work with YOU and I hope we will keep in contact. I will strongly recommend you to my friends!
— Anastasia, Newmarket, ON
Pleasure to work with someone so down to earth yet creative. Sofia listened and came up with solutions for every room in our house. We’re very happy with the changes that were made and would always suggest services of Algorithm Interiors to anyone who needs a creative mind. Thank you for our beautiful home and to your wonderful ideas!
— Victoria, Mount Albert, ON
I would like to thank Sofia for her time today! I received many good suggestions and tips and we even moved some furniture! My mistakes in decoration of my home were addressed and I am so happy about it because for an artist my mind is often chaotic and a home where we live shouldn’t be the same. As Sofia pointed out “creative mess in the design shall still have some structure and purpose” I am all pumped up about my new tasks that I need to complete following the “guide” that was left for me! Thank you!!!
— Diana, Newmarket, ON

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