Please take a few moments to complete the information requested below. This is designed to give us a head start on creating an inviting home for you and your family. We would like to take full advantage of the time we share together and your input is essential. All information is confidential.  Please don’t be concerned if you are unfamiliar with terms used or unable to give an answer. Thank you for your cooperation!


Name *
Phone *
How long do you plan on staying in this home? (Once you know this, you can figure out how much time and money you really want to put into any type of design.)
Who are the decision makers?
Who lives in your home and what are their ages? This isn’t a trick question. Do you have children that will be off to college soon or an elderly parent living with you that has a need for grab bars?
Do you have pets? (This really makes you think about the types of finishes you want to install in your home and your furniture purchases and whether they are adequate for those furry friends in your life) Write down what you think might be a questionable choice and research it later.
Do you entertain quite a bit? (Do you currently have room for this, or do you need to reallocate space for this purpose?) If so, what do you need to make sure you include so entertaining becomes easier?
Are you more casual or formal? How often do you have guests? How many?
Write a list of your family’s regular activities. (Does Joey like to do puzzles in the living room, or does Suzy like to paint in the kitchen? Finding out if you need to make rooms dual purpose or where to relocate these activities locations help you see how you want to use your space.)
Do you travel often? Do you collect on your travels? If so, what type of things do you bring back?
How many hours per week will be devoted to cleaning and/or maintenance of your home? Do you have professionals clean your home? If yes, how often?
What is the style of your current home? (Is your house Modern, then perhaps Country would look silly as a design style to choose)
What style would you like to see in your home after we redesign it?
What do you like about your home?
What does upset you about your home?
Your Taste - Style *
What do you consider your style? If you don’t know, we’ll figure it out! (Check all that apply)
Do you have a favorite piece of furniture or artwork you absolutely love? (Maybe we can use this as the starting point for your design)
Is there a public place that you like? (Think hotel, museum, even a TV show set)
Your Taste - Mood *
What mood do you want to create overall? (Check all that apply)
What are your favorite colours? What colours do you just hate? What colors do your family member love and hate?
Does everyone in the house have the same design taste? If not, are the tastes similar or polar opposites? If they are different, have you figured out how you are going to reconcile the differences? Blind ballot, coin toss, majority vote…?
Your Taste - Fabrics *
Are there patterns or fabrics you prefer? (check all that apply)
Are you comfortable considering wallpaper in specific rooms? Hint: Typically this is limited to baths, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
Where do you shop for home furnishings and accessories?
Window Treatments *
Which of the following do you require of window treatments? (Check all that apply)
Window Treatments Prefferences *
Which of the following do you prefer? (Circle all that apply)
Flooring Type Prefferences *
What kind of floor covering do you prefer? (check all that apply)
Rugs *
What type of rugs do you prefer? (Check all that apply)
Do you have pieces of art you want to use in the design?
Artwork - Prefferences *
What type of subject matter do you prefer? (Check all that apply)
Artwork - Medium *
What medium do you prefer? (Check all that apply)
It is up to you to establish the priorities, investment, and timeline. I make every effort to work quickly, effectively, appropriately, and within a spending plan. What is your preferred time frame for having this project complete?
Please list the rooms you would like to work on, and indicate how each room is used.
Budget *
How much are you going to invest in this project? (Check your answer) (Add an extra 20% to that figure to cover the incidentals that always pop up)
What is more important to you… the budget or the result?
Have you worked with a designer/decorator before? If yes, how was the experience?
What else would you like us to know?