5 Things to Add to your Bedroom ASAP

Things to add to your Bedroom ASAP!

I believe that every room in your house should be happy and beautiful - especially the bedroom. A third of our lives are spent in the bedroom - and that's only counting sleep time. But we do more than just sleep in our bedrooms. In fact, we do a lot of activities in here. 

The bedroom is the place where you should find peace. It's really important to have the bedroom organized and styled the way that is right for you to support that peaceful feeling.

Here are some common things you should add to your bedroom ASAP to make it your sanctuary:

1. Black-out window treatments. 

Even if you don’t have issues with privacy or falling asleep with light, you need these. Our eyes – our most precious instrument for living - get better rest in the darkness. Even closed, lids pass in the rays of light, stimulating the eye and the brain. So the darker the room,  the deeper the sleep, the better the rest.

2. New quality bedding. 

Yes, just go and buy the luxurious linens with a high thread count. It comfortable, it’s beautiful and so pleasurable. Isn’t that worth it?

3. Additional lighting. 

When you not sleeping, you need good lighting. Omit the ceiling light – it’s only for the cleaning time. Add table lamps, floor lamps, and/or candles (please, simple candles, no fancy aromas). Create romance and interest.

4. Simple alarm clock. 

There is no more excuse to take your phone to the bedroom. Leave it in the kitchen and use your stylish alarm clock to start your day on time.

5. Something happy on your nightstand. 

It could be a photo of your kid, your family, the image of a place where you were happy, an inspirational quote, your child's drawing – anything that gives you good vibes. Set up your day in a positive way, right from the minute you open your eyes. Just a little trick: change it from time to time, as our brain tends to stop noticing things it's used to see every day.

Have a good night and the best sleep ever! And come back HERE – to find out the 5 things you should get rid of from your bedroom right now!