15 Best Coffee Table Books - Beautiful Inside and Outside

In our fast and busy digital era having a moment to sit down in a comfy chair with a real book – is something unreal and thus so much valuable! I love books! And not only because I love to read. Everything about the book is important, not only the content, but also – the smell, the feel, the paper quality, the design, and of course – the cover.

You know what happens with the books if they are placed on the coffee table or console, close to a conversation area or at the reading nook in your living room? The books get noticed, they get looked through and read! Yes, this is why the books are made actually.

So let’s give your books the desired attention, let’s give them the purpose. Place the book on a coffee table in a pretty vignette, stack some on the side table in your living room, place them at your nightstand, or even on a countertop. To make your life easier I will share with you my Favourite Coffee Table Books – that are both beautiful from inside and outside! These are the books that every interior designer has at home.

Here is My Round-Up of Best 15 Interior Design Books for your coffee table, that  are absolutely gorgeous looking and so worth to read from cover-to-cover.  These books are modern, graphic and full of personality and design impact. I own most of them and the rest are on my list.


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