Common Home Organization Problems You Might Face during Summer

Summer is already here in Canada! (fingers crossed) For most of us summer means more fun outdoors, outings to the pools and parks, relaxing time on a patio, spontaneous barbecues with friends and family, warm and cozy evenings and a lot of happy moments. We are waiting for the summer and warm waether and it passes so quickly here.  

But unfortunately there are a few home organization problems that people are facing during summer that keeps them from enjoying their time as much as they want. Here they are and here’s how to fix them.

Outdoor fun stuff spreading out and clutter the house.

During summer we are transporting so much stuff in and out the house – beach towels, cooler bags, sport gear, etc. To avoid cluttering set up a drop zone in the entrance area. Place several washable woven plastic containers, smaller ones for shades and sunscreen, bigger ones for towels and sports gear, install additional hooks for beach bags and hats. It would be much easier to find and organize your stuff later when you have time not rushing for your next outdoor activity.

Sand and grass attacking your home.

Hang a few extra hooks outdoors for drying beach towels and picnic blankets. Stop those wet, grassy sandy towels and blankets before they make it in the door with a few well-placed hooks outside or in the garage. Once they are dry, you can easily shake out and reuse them, or bring them in to wash.

Little bare feet running in and out leaving footstep marks on your favorite creamy shaggy area rug.

Don’t resist it. Just clean and put your area rugs into storage for summer. Bare floors easier to clean and it’s so much cooler without rugs in the home during the hot days.

Late night guests with a little extra wine intake.

Do not let them drive! Call uber or let them sleep at your place. If you don’t have a guest bedroom, consider beforehand where you might be able to squeeze in an extra bed. Make a mattress ready or swap out a couch in the living room for a sleeper sofa or daybed.

I hope these quick ideas on how to avoid some annoying home organisation problems you might face during summer will help you, your kids, family and late guests enjoy your summer even more! We are so so deserve that summer here! Now it’s time to enjoy some quality time outdoors making happy memories!

Before You Go could you tell me what are your own magic tricks on how to organize your home for summer?

Please share it in the comments – I’d be really glad to know!