Step-by-step Guide: How to Decorate Your Dream Home

Step by step Guide - How to Decorate your Dream Home.

So it just happened, you moved into your Dream Home. Congratulations! There is so much excitement and wow going on… and I am sure many happy days are ahead in your Beautiful and Happy Home.

But you might be asking yourself - what do I do now? Where do I start? There are so many decoration options available and so many decisions have to be made. It's just overwhelming. But do not worry, I am here to help you.

First, step back, take a deep breath and follow my easy step-by-step guide on how to Decorate Your Dream Home.

How to Decorate Your Dream Home - Step One: Think about the Function of the Space.


Even though It seems to be straightforward, like kitchen is for cooking, family room is for family gatherings.. it is not. Think more about HOW you are going to use the space. For example, how many of your family members would be in the room at any given time – thus you going to find out how many seating spaces you need. Think – WHAT are the activities you prefer doing… watching TV, reading, playing board games, playing with kids, or relaxing in front of the fireplace – thus you would know what storage options you need, whether you need a reading nook or conversation area by the fireplace.

How to Decorate Your Dream Home - Step Two: Space Planning.


Now you know what you need to put in your room and it is time for Space Planning, in other words – draft your room! To scale. Measure your room first, then draw it on graph paper. You can draft your furniture pieces, cut them out and play with layout. Or you can go and have fun with web-based apps -  space planers. There are a lot free floor plan programs all over the Web. One of my favourite is from Icovia. You can try it for free. It is relatively easy to use, it is flexible, and offers a good selection of furniture templates.

How to Decorate Your Dream Home - Step Three: Figure Out Your Decorating Style.


And only Now it is time to figure out your style. My best advice is – just google it. Spend some time browsing internet and saving all the interiors photos and renderings you like. Browse Houzz, Pinterest or just Google Pictures. After you’ve collected at least a dozen images, sit down and compare them. What are the common denominators, in terms furniture style, pattern, space layout in the room, accent pieces?

How to Decorate Your Dream Home - Step Four: Find out Your Favourite Colour Scheme.


You can do it as described in previous step, but concentrating on the colours. Or – take an art piece, maybe your favourite painting, which would go in your new HOME. The artist has already done the hard job of picking up colours to work together. And as long as you love the painting, you are attracted to that particular colour scheme. Feel confident to extract the colours and apply them in your room.

Once you have your palette established, let the rest of the decor start from that. Use neutral colors for investment pieces, like the sofa and dining table, and put the colour in paint or accent pieces like pillows, lamps and art.

How to Decorate Your Dream Home - Step Five: LOVE your HOME.


Last, but not least – have FUN! Add different forms and textures, play with rugs and pillows, add some personality to your space.

And remember – If you really LOVE it, than it would definitely work for you!