How to Get Over House Envy

How to get over House Envy!

Have you ever felt slightly jealous when visiting someone else's house? Everything seems to be just perfect – beautiful, organized and absolutely happy, and you keep wondering – how can they do that? How did they manage to keep it so clean with 3 kids, how did they find time to organize everything, and where did they find all those stylish and comfortable furnishings? You notice you feel down and stressed every time you visit them. It seems that you could never get the same sort of beautiful home - you don’t even know where to start.

That’s it. You’ve experienced house envy. It’s a real thing, and a lot of people like you (and me!) go through it. 

That’s ok - I’ve been there and I know how to deal with this terrible feeling. I’m going to tell you step by step how to get over that annoying house envy.

1. First of all - identify what about that house inspires your envy. 

What is it that you like so much there? Is it stylish and comfortable furniture? Is it a beautiful and harmonious colour scheme? What specific thing is that actually triggering you? Once you figure it out, you can move on the next step.

2. Think through what it would take to get that special something for yourself.

If you're jealous of their stylish comfy sectional, chances are good your living room furniture is probably way past its life cycle and it’s time to buy yourself a good and lovable sofa. Before going to the store, make sure you measure your room and you know how many people will be using this sofa at the same time. This way, you’ll get an idea of how big your sofa should be. Also, do not forget about different fabrics and how they withstand usage. Choose stain resistant upholstery if you have small kids and/or pets. To make your life easier (and save some money too), choose neutral coloured upholstery for your biggest seating furniture items. You can always play around with accent pillows and throws, mixing different colours and textures. It’s easier to change them later than it is to buy a new couch.

3. Still can’t find the one specific thing? Then read further.

You are probably mesmerized by the house in the whole, by the harmony and peaceful feeling that you get as soon you enter the space. You might be thinking with your hectic life, you can’t be so calm and relaxed at home. And here I can assure you – your Beautiful Home will have a huge impact on you and your life!

Start right from the beginning – from the entryway. Take notice what you see the minute you enter your house. Make sure it's something heartwarming and welcoming. Get rid of the shoe-clutter and bring enough lighting – a beautiful chandelier or stylish table lamp on your console table. HERE – I picked some really good tips on how to style a beautiful and functional entryway.  You’ll be surprised how these tips will change your relationship with your home.

4. Ok, you got to this step and still don’t know how to deal with that house envy? 

Guess what? This is exactly what I fix on a regular basis. I save my clients from house envy, Pinterest paralysis, and decor overwhelm. I bring peace of mind and take all your decor worries away. Work with me so you can enjoy the beautiful and calm home you’ve always wanted. You can be happy right here right now.  Check out my SERVICES – to find out how I can help you!