Mini-makeovers for your Home this August

Mini-makeovers for your Home this August

So, it’s August already. What? We just started enjoying our summer and it’s already coming to the end. Yes, fall is around the corner. And for us school-parents, it’s a new year coming and it's sure to be full of new creative ideas and inspiring projects.

August is the month of the year when we wrapping up our summer relaxation mode and transitioning to a new exciting period. To make sure this transition comes smoothly, there are a few things you can do in your home right now. Here they are:

Refresh your bedroom.

You need more energy to be able to accomplish all your creative projects. Better sleep is essential!  So clean your mattress, flip and rotate it. Wash your pillows, or buy new ones if needed. And buy those fancy luxurious linens with the high thread count. Your precious sleep is worth it! (For more tips on this, go HERE!)

Organize the entry storage.

More jackets, shoes, backpacks and umbrellas are coming soon. Make sure you have enough space to store it all. (For even more on this, check out this ARTICLE!)

Set up comfortable working/studying area for your kids - and for yourself, too.

The most important elements here are lighting and seating! Invest in the right chair and your back will thank you. Adjust the working lamp shade so the light doesn’t flare to your eyes. (Want more on fixing up this area of your home? Read THIS.)

Redecorate your coffee table.

Your coffee table is not just a table you put your coffee on. It’s your style island AND your mood generator. As the cooler weather approaches, think about something you could put on your coffee table that would remind you of the happy warm days of this summer.  For me, it would be a sea shell from my ocean vacation, a new Interior Design Book I want to read (and still don’t have time) or just a few new branches we picked with my daughters during our walk in the woods to fill in the vase. (Love these creative ideas? I've got even more for you right HERE.)

Let’s enjoy the last days of summer and use these mini-makeovers to get ready for a beautiful autumn and a new exciting time!