5 New Year's Resolutions for a Happier Life: Happy Home - Happy Soul!

The New 2017 is almost here and now is the perfect time to sit down and prepare a list of important changes you want to make in your life, your lifestyle, your diet and habits, your vision and perception of life… changes are good, changes always for good. Well, if you haven’t done it yet, I encourage you to do the list and include these 5 Genius Resolutions for a Happier Home.

Our Home, the space we literally spend the most of our time (yes, sleeping counts) has a huge impact on our life, emotions, feelings and overall happiness. Thus, making your Home a happier place will make you happier!

1 New Year's Resolution for a Happier Home: Declutter Your Working Space.

If you work at home, declutter your home office, if your main “home work” is at kitchen – declutter and organize pantry, or laundry, or garage… Believe me – working in an organized, cleaned and beautifully put together environment will make you want to do your chores, or work more productively, with more joy and satisfaction.

I have gathered tones of creative ideas about Home Office Organization and Décor on my Pinterest board – you can check it out HERE to get some inspiration.

2 New Year's Resolution for a Happier Home: Make/Rearrange Art Gallery Wall.

The key – showcase the pictures, photos and memorable items that have special emotional value to you, that remind your about good times spent with family and friends, about happy moments of your life, or it could or even should be visualizations of your dreams.

I can assure you just looking at this beautifully arranged wall will set you positively and happily for the entire day, week and life. Just rearrange the content and layout from time to time, so that you keep noticing it. Our brain tends to trick us and hide items we are used to see. But I want you to see and remember you happiness every day!

IKEA has super-easy-to-use templates for the art gallery walls, check it out HERE! You will love it!

3 New Year's Resolution for a Happier Home: Make a Reading/Snuggling Nook just for Yourself.

I don’t need to tell you how important is to have a moment or two just for yourself. And if you have a special and stylish nook for it, it will make you sooo sooo happier. Whether you want to read, drink a cup of tea/coffee/wine – make it beautifully, soul healing and just be happy.

Emily Henderson has a cute video How to Make a perfect Reading Nook, check it out HERE!

4 New Year's Resolution for a Happier Home: Fix Lighting in your Space.

Light, and colour, which we are capable to see because of light – have huge impact on our mood, thus our happiness in certain place relies on lighting condition. Do not underestimate lighting.

Make a revision of the lighting sources in your home. For a balanced space you need to have at least 3 types of lighting in there: general, task and mood light. Add floor lamps, and table lamps close to any seating/reading area. There could not be too much lighting sources in a space, you can always choose not to switch it on. Mix and match fixtures and have fun!

5 New Year Resolution for a Happier Home: Change Your Sleeping Pillows and buy New Bedding Set.

Yes, sleep is so important for a happy and healthy life! You need to change your pillows every 6-12 month. And a new bedding set, new cuddling furry/knitted throws could quickly set you on the sleepy mode.

Enjoy every second of your sleep and be Happier in Your Home this coming Year!