Nordic Interior Design Style

The Nordic style of interior design is gaining extreme popularity nowadays! Also known as Scandinavian Design Style, this is as much a lifestyle as it is a design style. It focuses on simplicity, minimalism and functionality. Buy less, surround yourself with meaningful things, use well-designed and functional products, love your home and enjoy being there – all these are paramount Nordic style characteristics.

Nordic Interior Design Style is my favourite, not only because I’m actually a Nordic soul (born in Latvia, live in Canada – true north!) but also because this style perfectly aligns with my personal beliefs and home criteria.

Nordic Interior Style Guide + BONUS - The Complete Guide to your Nordic bedroom

Let’s dig a little deeper and see why these Nordic Interiors could be one of your admirations, too.

And at the end of this blog post, you’ll find a BONUS – the Complete Guide to Your Nordic Bedroom – you can style you Bedroom like Scandinavians do – complete with all the instructions and all the items (links to Canadian stores).

Natural light is key.

 Image Source:  Pihkala

Image Source: Pihkala

Nordic countries get much less sunlight during long winters, so natural light is nurtured like a queen. Windows are kept unobstructed and walls are painted light colours to bounce the light to reach every dark corner in the house.

Form and Function.

 Image Source:  By Nina Holst

Image Source: By Nina Holst

It’s all about comfort, clean lines, simple design and minimal clutter. Less is more.

Let the outdoors indoor.

 Image Source:  Daniella Witte

Image Source: Daniella Witte

Living elements make their way indoors in Nordic Homes. Tulips in minimalist cubic vases, arranged bouquets, succulents and more bring a much-needed touch of colour. Natural elements, such as wood finishes and accessories, botanical prints provide connection with nature.

Warm Textiles.

 Image Source:  Oh.eight.oh.nine

Image Source: Oh.eight.oh.nine

In cold climate countries, part of the decor comes in the form of warming textiles like sheep skins, wool or mohair throws, and soft cotton and linen. Not only do they provide a feeling of warmth and coziness, they also add another layer of texture to a space.

Monochrome art.

 Image Source:  Damernas Varld

Image Source: Damernas Varld

Black&white photography, inspiration quotes, brush strokes - anything that you love. Lean and layer several different sized pieces of artworks on the floor to get that true Scandinavian feeling.


 Image Source:  Daniella Witte

Image Source: Daniella Witte

As the natural light is limited in their houses, Nordic people get really creative with their lighting fixtures: paper lanterns, wooden chandeliers, shade-less lamps and garlands all over the space.

Ready to embrace Nordic simplicity and elegance?