Project Reveal - Stylish yet Functional Playroom for Brother and Sister

The most challenging part of any playroom project - is how to make the stylish and attractive room and keep it that way afterwards. The struggle is real when we have tons of toys we want to be able to organize quickly. We need easy accessible storage so that our kids can use it too.

We managed to come up with great design solutions for this particular Playroom Project. 

This playroom is for brother and sister so we kept gender-neutral colour scheme, and varied simple sleek lines and graphic patterns with more feminine look of curtains with tie-backs.

 Creative Playroom Moodboard

We created window seating which looks like custom made but actually consisting of IKEA furniture! I like using IKEA versatile KALLAX shelving units in kids rooms because they are sturdy and provide great storage capacity. That storage option you can use long after your kids are grown up, just move your shelving unit to the basement or garage. 

We installed the curtain rod on the ceiling and put the curtains in front of the window seating - thus we got THREE tasks completed. First - with one easy movement you hide all your un-pretty toys storage, you can tuck it in very quickly.. and you can sort it later, if you want to. Second - kids have the perfect reading nook by the window, so cozy and private. And third - they can use it as a stage! Just get them toy-microphone and make sure you filming it - those kinds of performances are priceless! 

On the west wall we painted Mountain Chalkboard Mural. Just don't forget to prime it with chalk all the way from top to bottom before drawing on it and you are ready to create!

Couple of bean bags, easy-cleaning rug and bunch of wicker baskets and the Playroom is ready!

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