Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas under 100$!

If your significant other is obsessed with colour, form and texture then you are definitely dating someone from Interior Design Industry . Not necessarily by profession but surely by spirit.

Being an Interior Design and Décor passionate lover my whole life I know what makes one like me feel happy and loved.

There is my ROUND-UP of 10 Valentine’s Day Gifts under 100$ every Interior Designer or Decorator would LOVE to have! (best part - everything is available to buy/order in/to Canada!)


1. The best present for anyone is a book, for interior designer this book should be interesting to read and even more look through the pages and mostly – it should be gorgeous looking from outside to be the best complement to any pretty vignette. The Dress: 100 Iconic Moments in Fashion by Megan Hess has it all! And it is including of one of her most popular bespoke A5 print. 

2. Mirror mirror on the wall... subtle text at the front reminds you “Today is your day to shine.” Shine with this EXPRESSIONS YOUR DAY TO SHINE MIRROR from Chapters-Indigo, it is on SALE now - only $24.50

3. Create a candlelight romance for the Valentine's evening with the handsome Malta Lantern from Pottery Barn. For kids-safe version buy IKEA LED Candle - they look like real!

4. If your Date is Canadian as well – this is the perfect gift – Beaver Pencil Sharpener – dreams come true!

5.  All your Digital Designs always with you and in Style! I need this USB Bracelet !

6. This pair - Apple and Pear from Chapters-Indigo. 

7. Starburst Orb my favourite! The rays have a burnished gold finish that give them an enthereal beauty and tactile appeal. Hang it in groups for a stunning three-dimensional display. 

8. Lion Money Bank - for the King of your Heart! Super cute!

9. Gift some love for that messy entry way with this beautiful Daisy Place eyeglasses tray from Kate Spade.

10. We all have favourites. This affectionate Expressions pillow cover is designed in woven cotton and detailed with a printed and embroidered motif that makes it a sweet gift for your favourite someone. 

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SPOILER ALERT: Come Back on Valentine's Day for a special Gift! You are going to love it ;)