Interactive 3D Room

Interactive 3D room visualization.png
Interactive 3D room visualization.png

Interactive 3D Room


This service is for Visuals. For those who need to see visualistation to make an interior design decision. For those who want more flexibility in their home decor options. For those who know what style they want, but not sure how it would look like in their own space, for those who want to see the whole design picture before any work is done. If that is YOU we're talking about - then CLICK the button below and order your INTERACTIVE 3D ROOM!

This service includes:

  • Live Virtual 3D Visualization of your Space - created for you at a web-based 3D interior design application;
  • A List with our professional commentary and decor tips;
  • Post-delivery 30 min video call with designer to answer all your questions.

*This service is suitable for following spaces: Living Room, Family Room, Dining Room, Master Bedroom, Guest Bedroom, Kids Room, Nursery, Play Room, Home Office.

*Price per space/room. For open concept spaces please CONTACT US before placing the order to make sure that the space qualify as ONE space order.

*NO ACTUAL ITEMS AND/OR SHOPPING LIST is provided with this service. This service is for visualisation only.


By purchasing this service client agrees with ALGORITHM INTERIORS TERMS OF SERVICE. Please CLICK HERE to learn more.